Free Your Emotions, Own Your Desires, & Unleash Your Inner Wild Woman

I’m sorry, dear.

I’m sorry you live in a world that has stifled you, shunned you, put you down, silenced you, ignored you, ridiculed you, shamed you.

I get the deep heartbreak of that, my love.

You won’t get any of that here.

Do you know why? Because you deserve rapture, woman.

You deserve to feel everything you feel.

You mumble you’re “ok”, when people care enough to ask.

But deep down, you know something is missing.

Miracles. Mystery. Magic. Romance. Passion. Creation.

What if these weren’t just pretty words? What if they were a part of your day-to-day, moment-by-moment experience of life?

I’m here to guide you into an awakening.

Think of me as a fellow muse, gently awakening the muse that is within you.

Why do I know She’s there?

Because She lives in all women.

It’s time to let her loose.

You deserve it, sweet soul.

My practices involve intuitive inquiry & guidance, along with providing a safe, sacred container for blocked emotions and desires to be unearthed. Together, we create assignments that will facilitate you unleashing your inner wildness.

‘Cause baby… it’s time to let that sh!t out!

You might think of me as the woman who walks beside you through the tunnel of your fear and turmoil… and celebrates with you when we reach the light on the other side.

Contact me for a consultation.

I look forward to working (& playing) with you.

[ Photo 1 + 2 by Vallejo Posada ]

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