Kissing is a Healing Art

“Let yourself be with the ecstasy that this other human being wants to have their mouth on your mouth, and their body connected to your body, and their heart connected to your heart, and their breath connected to your breath.” I turned down a date in order to make this video. Well, sort of. A […]

End-of-the-World Dancing

I bring that end-of-the-world kind of full body dancing to the dance floor. I don’t remember ever not being that way.  Somehow, I convinced my darling mother to rent out a dancehall for my 16th birthday. There was a DJ. My friends and I were dancing. Not a care in the world — even though […]


This is me. Exposed. Vulnerable. Beautiful. Precious. Alive. 29 revolutions around the radiant sun. My life. I have come so far, and still, have just begun… This black and white photo was taken by me, in my studio, before heading to a boudoir shoot the week before last. I have been falling in love with […]