Texas is Sacred


Spotted at the southwest corner of Riverside and South Congress in Austin yesterday afternoon.

This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

I was walking to Dominican Joe when I saw this written on a telephone pole. I was going to get some work done for 3 hours or so before meeting up with a dear new friend for dinner; a friend who has been going through a major shift after a very difficult series of unexpected events; a friend whose current experience is reminiscent of a major shift that started happening around this time last year in my own life.

And it got me thinking about Texas as a sacred space.

This state I never really thought I’d visit, let alone live in.

Texas? As sacred?

Texas… as sacred…

Well, what is sacred? What does it mean to me?

sacred (adj) worthy of or regarded with deep reverence, awe, or respect; connected with the gods, goddesses, or universe; dedicated to a higher spiritual purpose

And shockingly I realized that Texas has become a sacred place for me–a lone star in the Lone Star State who forgets she is never truly alone…

I am in serious awe of what has unfolded here for me. In retrospect, it feels as if I were led here by my higher self, my knowing self, who knew this was where I needed to be.

The Universe conspired to make this the setting for the next stage of my life; the space in which a great unraveling and re-building and triumphant success would occur.

This is the State where I:

a) moved on a whim in Spring 2011, after discovering one of my favourite filmmakers is based here in Austin, and has made many of his films here; films which have touched and inspired me.

b) made the most difficult, most rewarding decision I’ve ever made by ending my last relationship and freeing myself from a confining life.

c) decided — finally — to focus on myself, my needs, my desires.

d) came face-to-face with many inner demons that had been holding me back and keeping me from being fully present as a friend, as a sister, as a lover, as a writer, as a creator, as an active citizen.

e) began pursuing my dreams and meeting incredible people who are supportive of me, people I admire and respect deeply, people who are truly going to go far in this world…

Austin, Texas: The sacred stepping stone into my future.

When we open our eyes, our hearts, our minds enough to appreciate and learn from our surroundings, our experiences, the people we encounter… when we take the time to notice and be grateful for all the wonderful things happening in our lives right now... I truly believe we can find the sacred everywhere and anywhere.


PS-I have, for a long time, loved that when I use the auto-word function on my phone, typing  ‘scared’ always comes out as ‘sacred’ first. Now that’s some technologically inspired food for thought…

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