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“This is a woman who effortlessly awakens the best in others, whether through connecting with individuals, or with an entire audience.”

“You can feel her heart. Her care for seeing others live beautiful, creative, abundant lives is unmatched.”


Photo by Vallejo

Allyssa Milán is a poet, performer, writer, speaker, and unconventional life coach who delights and ignites anyone she touches with her passionate voice and presence. Through her creative endeavors and speaking engagements, she explores themes of love, relationship, creativity, empowerment, and transformation. Her humble roots in Stratford, Connecticut now stretch down to Austin, Texas.

Allyssa’s coaching style takes individuals from living lives where they feel stuck, bored, and unfulfilled, to feeling vibrant, passionate, and thrilled to be alive. Combining unique techniques and intuitive guidance, each experience is tailored to serve the deepest needs of the individual, so that they may reach the highest heights of a well-lived life.

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