Passion. Presence. Pure Poetry.

“She’s a curvy little powerhouse of change and emotion.”

“I am so grateful for your leadership, strength, and powerful voice that spoke raw truth. [That performance] was truly life changing.”

“Celebrity is just a word people apply to the all encompassing ‘bigness’ that you’re brimming over with… you’re simply too full of life, light, joy, intellect, and thoughtfulness that people can’t help but react as if you’re always performing a beautiful and compelling dance.”


Photo by Yannik Rohrer of The Perfect Headshot

Allyssa Milán is a modern Renaissance woman, writer, and multi-dimensional performance artist who enchants, delights, and ignites audiences with her passionate voice and presence.

Through her creative endeavors, she explores themes of love and relationship, self and society, as well as personal and collective empowerment and transformation. She inspires and provokes audiences to see life from a poet’s perspective.

Ms Milán is currently working on her first self-published book of poetry and video series, to be released in the summer of 2017.

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