Allyssa Milán

renaissance woman • muse • performance artist


“She embraced a unique and challenging concept with enthusiasm, insight and boldness. She took the idea I was trying to communicate and found a way to connect deeply to it and make it her own. From the start, her unguarded openness about certain life experiences that she felt could feed into the piece is what helped give it an authentic life. It was a real privilege to work with Allyssa.”
Anthony Hampton, Director of  Experimental Short Film ‘Flow’

“I am so grateful for your leadership, strength, and powerful voice that spoke raw truth. [That performance] was truly life changing. I am so in love with your divinity, you stand with such a powerful goddess essence. Infinite gratitude.”

“She is nothing short of AMAZING.”

[ Photo 1 by Vallejo Posada, Photo 2 by Daniel Davis, at Voice + Exit ]